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Chengdu Customs(China) Creates New Convenient and Efficient Logistics Channel in Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Chengdu Customs(China) Creates New Convenient and Efficient Logistics Channel in Comprehensive Bonded Zone

In order to further implement the "state council on promoting the development of comprehensive free trade zone high level open high quality several opinions ( [2019] no. 3), accelerate the Chengdu high-tech comprehensive circulation of goods within the bonded area is convenient and efficient, according to the law of the People's Republic of China customs bonded port area management interim measures" (order no. 234 of the General Administration of Customs) and other relevant provisions, On July 5, 2021, Chengdu Customs officially launched the "Smart Comprehensive Insurance" business reform of the same enterprise in the comprehensive insurance area.

Chengdu High-tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone was established with the approval of the State Council on October 18, 2010 and was officially closed for operation on May 25, 2011. Over the past ten years, Chengdu Customs has actively promoted the development of electronic information industry clusters in the Comprehensive Bonded Zone. The scale of integrated circuits and smart terminals has ranked among the top in the country.At present, there are 74 registered enterprises in the zone with more than 200,000 employees,forming a high-end industrial complex supported by leading industries, driven by diversification, and combined development.

In 2020, the import and export value of Chengdu High-tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone was 549.17 billion yuan, ranking first in the national comprehensive bonded zone for three consecutive years, an increase of 26.8% year-on-year; the import and export value accounted for 68% of Sichuan's foreign trade, pushing Sichuan's foreign trade scale to rank 8th in the country. Speed ranks second in the country, becoming the "leader" of Sichuan's opening to the outside world.

Background of Business reform

The high-tech park of Chengdu High-tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone is divided into three parks A, B and C, each of which has its own Seine net and bayonet. Zone A is mainly storage and logistics block, and zone B and C are production and processing blocks. The transportation distance between the three parks is about 5km.

In the past ten years, with the increasing number and expansion of enterprises entering the zone, the utilization rate of land in the high-tech zone has exceeded 95%, and many enterprises have urgent needs to increase investment and expand production. However, due to the saturation of land use in the zone, enterprises can only arrange part of production lines or business to different parks in the zone. For example, an enterprise located in Zone C moves part of its product assembly and maintenance business to Zone B, and parts of materials and parts are stored in Zone A. The goods of the same enterprise need to be transferred between zones in the high-tech park.

To better serve all cover area high quality development, meet the demand of enterprise facilitation of customs clearance, to achieve "tube to live, more open," Chengdu customs actively promote "wisdom of protect" reform across A piece of business with, maximum optimization of protect area of high and new zone within the same enterprise goods under customs control at A, B, C district between flow patterns, further enhance the efficiency of the logistics in and out of the harness to protect area, We will improve the business environment in comprehensive insurance zones.

The specific measures

01 Communication, coordination and cohesion Meeting

Business discussion

Chengdu Customs Free Trade Department, Science and Technology Department, Statistics Department and other departments and Jincheng Customs actively coordinated with the park management department, station management, pilot enterprises, and information service companies, and extensively listened to all parties through 7 work promotion meetings and business seminars Opinions and needs, and constantly improve the "Smart Comprehensive Insurance" inter-company cross-sector business reform and construction plan, business processes and regulatory measures.

02 Optimal flow of information construction

Simplify the enterprise declaration to the greatest extent. The same company does not need to pass through the regional logistics enterprise for the transfer of goods across the same enterprise, and the production enterprise does not need to declare the verification list. It only needs to declare once the verification list in the comprehensive protection zone management auxiliary system and bind the carrier vehicle. It can realize the automatic release of the system, automatic identification of the bayonet and the entry and exit of the bar. For the same batch of goods, the "two inspections of approved release documents" before the reform was optimized to "one inspection of approved releases". Simultaneously promote the construction of informatization, and complete the development, testing and online operation of version 3.0 of the comprehensive protection zone management auxiliary system that is compatible with the reform.

03 Smart supervision measures (with HHD Smart Lock)

04 Achieve full coverage of reforms

After the completion of the cross-district pilot projects with the same enterprise in District B and C, Chengdu Customs will track the operation of the system,evaluate the effectiveness of the supervision measures, and further optimize on the basis of listening to the opinions and suggestions of the park management department and pilot enterprises, and combining the structural characteristics of the dual bayonet in District A. The supervision process, the improvement of the supervision plan, and the smooth realization of the full coverage of the three regional business reforms.

Business process

Reform effect

01 Significant effect of speed up and fee reduction

As of October 31, the pilot enterprises had circulated 10,964 vehicle trips across regions. The main goods were display screens, back covers, batteries, color boxes, etc., with an average daily value of about 40 million yuan. According to estimates, the relevant expenses of the pilot enterprises have been reduced by 90%, and the time for the entire process of customs clearance has been shortened by 80%.

02 Optimized corporate layout

Enterprises in the high-tech zone of the comprehensive protection zone can separate production and storage functions into each area of ABC according to their actual conditions, play an integrated scale effect, and further optimize their own production capacity and industrial layout.

03 Make full use of bonded storage resources

After the reform, enterprises in the High-tech Zone in the Comprehensive Bonded Zone can allocate production materials, machinery and equipment, and finished products to the bonded warehouses in Zone A to achieve "storage at any time, ready-to-use", and further release the bonded areas in the comprehensive bonded area. Warehousing policy dividends. The utilization rate of storage resources in Zone A has increased from 70% in the previous year to 100% now.

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